“WOULD Don King, one of the wisest men boxing has ever seen, put me in the corner of the most valuable brand that not only boxing, not only sport, but entertainment had to offer if I didn’t know what I was doing? Would he?”

There’s an authoritative tone to Aaron Snowell’s growl as strives to convince me of his qualifications to handle the meticulous training responsibilities of a peak Mike Tyson. His defensive riposte seems somewhat rehearsed, perhaps because it’s a rebuttal he’s forced out many times before, maybe even to himself, since February 11, 1990 and a morning in Japan that changed so many lives forever.

Snowell’s apprenticeship in boxing was served observing “The Greatest.” Born in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Snowell was raised in close proximity to several Muhammad Ali training camps and it was there that his passion for boxing grew. An eager student of famed trainer, “Slim” Jim Robinson, Snowell absorbed the expertise of the veteran cornerman and soon became his assistant. The expected promotion duly came and with fighters like the explosive Julian Jackson and underrated heavyweight Tim Witherspoon under his tutelage, Snowell soon attained not only honours as a coach but a blossoming relationship with the powerful and commanding King.


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