For the Cowboys, this wasn’t the time to take chances at head coach.

They’re about to pay their quarterback. They just paid their two-time NFL rushing champion. Their offensive line is well-compensated and not getting younger. There’s a star receiver waiting on a contract, and a young defense that hit developmental bumps in 2019. There’s a messy season to move past, one in which the team’s lack of resiliency and loss of identity was stark to those making the biggest decisions.

Bottom line: Whoever walked through the door in Frisco needd to bring credibility to steady a ship that was knocked well off course in 2019. Jason Garrett, who’d been there for nine years, and made the playoffs in three of the previous five seasons, couldn’t do it. And with all due respect to the coordinators who cashed in on the play-caller craze of last January, it was going to be about more than what’s on a playsheet.


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